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Currently, my favorite songs off the Heavens album are: Dead End Girl and True Hate. Patent Pending is a real good listen in general and is working as my in-betweener ’til a new Alk3 record is finished. Dan (of Alk3) made an album with a couple of the guys in Lawrence Arms and some other guy. The act’s called The Falcon, but I haven’t given that a listen nor do I think I will in the near future. Maybe when I get access to freemusicland again but who knows when plus I also want to get Ben’s solo record which I heard a track from and enjoyed.

The apartment life combined with the 40-hour-work-week life has been feeling very perpetual for months now. I have the glorious work schedule of 3 to 11 Monday thru Friday, but that poses a problem with my habits and ambitions. I go to bed late, and I wake up late. Today, I woke up enough to look over at the clock and saw it was a little passed eleven but when back to sleep immediately after with the thought that I could maybe do a couple things before it was time to go to work. My love for sleep took over leaving me with truly waking up and out of bed almost half passed one.

I feel like this current chapter in my life is redundant, and I know I’ve mentioned that before not too long ago. Working on my personal revolution seems to be put on hold or materializing at the rate of snails crossing a continent. I have thoughts, ideas and dreams locked away in my head that I’m waiting to start/continue. I’d like to use the excuse that I don’t have the time, but now that my weekends are free, I should budget my time wiser. I also have about 8 hours in a day when I’m not sleeping or working. It’s probably closer to 4 if you subtract all the driving time, eating time, showering time, chore time and lazing time. Others factors play, such as my summer DVD-watching addiction, but we won’t take that into account ’cause I could be doing more productive things.

The next couple years of my life seem all plotted right now with short spurts of time fitted in-between that provide an opportunity to get things done if used wisely. I’m predicting/knowing that my next chapter will start when the spring college semester rolls around, and I officially begin the nursing program. Within that chapter, my lease will run out, and I’ll be scrambling for new shelter. And I’m not even sure how this current employment will hold up granted that it’s contract and temporary but we’ll have to see when the time comes.

I need to currently devise a plan where I can work around my usual routine to keep the creative juice flowing, and yes, I’ve been devising that for some time now. The trouble is that I love doing a whole lot of nothing a whole lot.

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