the inspection

My car did not pass its inspection, because the OBD-II reader failed some tests. I think it might have something to do with forgetting to reset the computer after I changed an O2 sensor. I get 15 days to bring it back for another try.

I’ve disconnected and reconnected the battery reset it and have driven around a bit today to get the car reading well again. I also changed out the windshield wipers and the oil (synthetic for the first time!). I made a mess changing the oil, and I feel really greasemonkey right now. I’ll probably bring the car back in next weekend unless I manage to wake up early some time during the week.

The cable guy should be arriving on Wednesday to install the high-speed, so I’m excited about that. I already have the router set up, so maybe I can get back to tending to my folding farm and writing better posts.

I wanted to resize the the pictures in my older Ceci posts, but that seems like it’s not going to happen tonite. Gimme ’til next weekend. I know they don’t look too great ’cause they’re all huge on the screen. I’ll probably also fix those dates if I can get that to work correctly.
Not too much else went on this week ‘cept the usual work/sleep routine and my extreme hatred toward Uncle Sam.

Sorry about the driveway, Mom. That oil filter had a mind of its own when it came off.

the consumer

Just about out of honey for my tea.

Tyson’s Chicken Tenders are disappointing.

Running out of paper towels.

Pizza or pork tonite? (Pizza.)
The frames to my eyeglasses are getting worn.

Finished reading that book today.

The Science of Sleep was really good.

Sparta will be in Austin next Tuesday. I still need to get my tickets. I wonder how their new guitarist is gonna do.
I’ll be sifting through all those free books I got a while ago that are collecting dust in my parents’ garage with K$ this coming Sunday. We plan on selling the unwanted ones to get store credit for more books.

24 Hour Comic Day is not this Saturday but next. Already?!

I’m caving in and getting Roadrunner for the apartment by October. These posts should improve and so should my MP3 collection.

the shower

Showers are necessary before work. Yesterday, I didn’t have time to take a shower and wasn’t work as efficient as I usually did. Today, I got my shower in and feel much better today.

Company checks are bouncing, and I’m crossing my fingers yet I’m not really worrying.

Interesting book I’m currently reading before I sleep: The Philosophy of Andy Warhol by Andy Warhol. He’s an interesting character, and his view on life is interesting. Interesting. I think what drew me most was the sans-serif typeface they used for the book that gives it a nostalgic feel.

Movies I’m waiting for: The Science of Sleep, The Fountain, Factory Girl

Albums I’m waiting for: Sparta’s Threes, Brand New’s Fight Off Your Demons

the headphones

Headphones are great, because they allow the user to listen to music as loud as they’d like without sounding as loud as they are to the people around them. Headphones also give the user a better perception of the stereo sounds generated through them.

I was thinking about how I’d like to have a creative studio some day and play music really loud while I worked. I thought about the possibility of disturbing neighbors or roommates, and then I realized that headphones were the solution.