the consistent

5 out of 5 this week for claiming my favorite seat at work. The work passing thru the queue is extra annoying today. Maybe it has to do something with me going to bed at 6AM & not officially getting out of bed ’til 2PM, an hour before I had to be at work. I didn’t get a chance to have my pre-work meal, but I managed to brew my coffee, pack a few snacks and take a shower.

The weekend is a 3-day one with Labor Day on Monday, but I’ve signed up to work that day. I’ll be pulling an 11 to 7 which is a little rough ’cause I’m used to the 3 to 11. I need the hours though. I have nothing concrete for the weekend except get the other blog archives in here, hit up the grocery store Saturday morning and take the lady out to eat one of the days or both. We’ll see. Enjoy the weekend. I sure will.

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