the monday

I just have a couple hours left here at work.

I managed to wake up to my alarm clock @ 10:03 playing a Snow Patrol song that isn’t too bad followed by the DJ announcing that the Croc Hunter was killed by a stingray barb in a freak accident. The barb pierced his heart which is crazy.

I checked the mail on Saturday nite & received my acceptance letter into nursing school. I went over to my bro’s yesterday to confirm and went for the online option. Hopefully, I’ll be lucky enough to get into the online program, so I can maintain a 40-hour job & keep up the apartment life.

That nite, Mare & I went to the store where I picked up some fresh fruit, a 6-pack of cider and a knife sharpener. She bought Scrabble, and we played a few rounds which took a few hours. She won 2-1. That game is fun. We also got to try pluots which to me are just apple-sized plums. They were tasty.

After work plans: Take the lady out to dinner then the routine visit to The Crown. Times are shifted, because I came to work early and got out early. Today was optional, but I had to pull my forty hours to pay the bills. I don’t even consider today a holiday, but plenty of people got the day off.

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