the dream within a dream

I was amused during sleep having one of those dreams that leads to another dream.

From what I can remember, I was with Joe & his friend Rob. We were in his Rodeo and decided to take off to Vegas. I was dressed in extra casual wear, a white tee & a pair of cargo shorts. I don’t think I was wearing socks and just my slip-on shoes. We were backing out of Joe’s dad’s driveway and started to drive down the street. I told him to turn around ’cause I wasn’t dressed “money” enough for Vegas. He started to turn around, and the dream went into the next sequence.

I was in an airport hallway telling this guy from high school whose face I remember but did not socialize with or even knew his name. I was telling him about the dream while dressed as a custodian mopping the floor.

Then I snapped out of it and realized I just had a dream within a dream on a gorgeous Tuesday morning. The complexity of the dream lacked, but the fact that it had two parts that tied into each other made it worth sharing.

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