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the greeting

Today seems to be a feel-good day. Light showers moved thru the day which helped bring the temperature down. I had lunch with Mare @ Freebird’s between her classes. We got the usual: split a Monster with white chicken on a spinach tortilla, sub beans for queso, sub shredded cheese for guac, pico, red onions, lettuce & mild green tomatillo sauce with a raspberry tea to drink. It was good as usual.

My coffee came out good, a blend of Agua Java’s house blend & 365’s French Roast. I had an apple fritter left over from Ken’s that Mare & I picked up with a few other donuts and some milk after I left The Crown. I packed that with my lunch with a pack of cheese crackers with cheese and a optimally-ripe banana.

I waited outside the rear entrance when I got to work with my styro of water and said hello to my fellow co-workers that trickled in. I find it amusing how courtesy has trained us to say hello to one another yet I couldn’t tell you people’s names. We do recognize each other from working the same establishment forty hours a week.

The price of petrol has been declining with the end of summer, and that makes me extra happy.

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