the monosodium glutamate

I wasn’t able to sleep ’til after 9AM today. I think it might have been the MSG in the Chinese that Mare & I ate after 11PM the nite before. The Kung went Pao and left me awake. It might have also been the dream I had the night before. I had the choice to go to Heaven or fall back to Earth. I chose Earth.

Average MPG on my car with the new short ram intake: 27.715 MPG, an improvement of ~2-3 MPG. Doing the math, it’s gonna take 9 months of my normal driving habit for the intake to pay for itself but overall was a wise investment. Those extra couple miles save me almost the dime a mile I have to pay to drive.
After work: deposit check if I get it today which I’m hoping for then the grocery store that’s open ’til 1AM

Plans for this upcoming weekend:
Saturday @ 9AM — Sunday @ 9AM: my first attempt at a 24-hour comic. Wish me luck.

Sunday if I wake up early enough (before 3PM): haircut

Sunday @ 5PM: Mini-golf w/ Isaac

My weekend is booked.

My same seat streak for the past few weeks was finally broken today ’cause one of the n00bz CLEARLY didn’t see that I had reserved the seat with my belongings RIGHT NEXT to the workstation. Douchebag.

In the coffee mug today: 4 cups of 365’s Organic Pacific Rim Blend with beans from Timor and Papua New Guinea + 4 teaspoons of Sugar In The Raw

‘Til next time.

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