the failure

I failed at my first attempt at a 24 hour comic. My downfall was not going to sleep in anticipation and falling asleep for 4 hours after finishing the writing and character designs. I managed to sketch 20 and a half pages before calling it quits and falling asleep waking up a half hour after the end. I can definitely understand the endurance part and will take another shot before the official day. My neck was cramped when I woke up this morning from looking down at the pages for so long. I also took a couple long breaks in there. I just knew that it’d be near impossible to ink all the pages after I realized I still had three more pages to pencil and a little more than seven hours left. I’ll think of this initial effort as seeing what I’m in for and getting into shape. I lost the race the Gaiman way.

Mini-golf didn’t go through today ’cause the other participants were too hungover from the football game yesterday. Maybe we’ll shoot for this upcoming weekend but the obstacles are that the games are every weekend. 🙁

I bought a memory key/MP3 player today, and it’s pretty cool. It should prove itself useful for work & when I need some portable storage. Campbell’s Select is on sale. Petrol has fallen more than forty cents from the summer high. I also got an inexpensive ratchet set and some screwdrivers ’cause I figured I need my own tools for working on my car & whatever else I’ll need tools for.

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