the consumer

Just about out of honey for my tea.

Tyson’s Chicken Tenders are disappointing.

Running out of paper towels.

Pizza or pork tonite? (Pizza.)
The frames to my eyeglasses are getting worn.

Finished reading that book today.

The Science of Sleep was really good.

Sparta will be in Austin next Tuesday. I still need to get my tickets. I wonder how their new guitarist is gonna do.
I’ll be sifting through all those free books I got a while ago that are collecting dust in my parents’ garage with K$ this coming Sunday. We plan on selling the unwanted ones to get store credit for more books.

24 Hour Comic Day is not this Saturday but next. Already?!

I’m caving in and getting Roadrunner for the apartment by October. These posts should improve and so should my MP3 collection.

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