the inspection

My car did not pass its inspection, because the OBD-II reader failed some tests. I think it might have something to do with forgetting to reset the computer after I changed an O2 sensor. I get 15 days to bring it back for another try.

I’ve disconnected and reconnected the battery reset it and have driven around a bit today to get the car reading well again. I also changed out the windshield wipers and the oil (synthetic for the first time!). I made a mess changing the oil, and I feel really greasemonkey right now. I’ll probably bring the car back in next weekend unless I manage to wake up early some time during the week.

The cable guy should be arriving on Wednesday to install the high-speed, so I’m excited about that. I already have the router set up, so maybe I can get back to tending to my folding farm and writing better posts.

I wanted to resize the the pictures in my older Ceci posts, but that seems like it’s not going to happen tonite. Gimme ’til next weekend. I know they don’t look too great ’cause they’re all huge on the screen. I’ll probably also fix those dates if I can get that to work correctly.
Not too much else went on this week ‘cept the usual work/sleep routine and my extreme hatred toward Uncle Sam.

Sorry about the driveway, Mom. That oil filter had a mind of its own when it came off.

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