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the kick-off

I’m @ JP’s right now. I just walked over here from the Austin NaNoWriMo kick-off meeting that was held at the House of Tutors. They were a fun crowd. I would have been completely silent if it wasn’t for Emily (lazym, the Austin NaNo ML) breaking the ice with me while I sipped on a […]

the rain

I just want to lie in bed all day and listen to the rain, but I have to work work work. This week is going by way too slow. I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday.

the employee

I start my job tomorrow as an employee instead of an independent contractor.
I’ve broken out the collared shirts!
Speaking of wardrobe, it’s definitely sweater weather time.

the zen

I sleep late. I wake up late. It’s time to get ready for work.
Eating Zen tonite for Third Thursday.
Nothing new lately ‘cept a couple more people were let go at work yesterday which made me happy ’cause their attitudes didn’t fit.
The boxes are still in my car, and they’re draining my tank. If I don’t […]

the bomb drop

At the end of the shift on Monday, we received envelopes that had all the information about our conversion to employee status. There’s three tiers in my department which all get paid different now. We do the same work, but I guess it was based on our past performance as contractors. This left a bunch […]

the things to do

Happy Birthday, Kent! I know it was yesterday, but I was present.
A list for my memory more than yours of what needs to get done in order of priority:
– gas up
– drop off Uncle Sam’s $$ (which he doesn’t deserve from poor me but is getting any way)
– get hair cut
– bring boxes to bookstore […]

the haiku

the can of olives
smelled odd like formaldehyde
they did not taste right