the shaft

I wasn’t going to make the food cut-off @ The Crown last nite, so I decided to stop off at Taco Hell on the way to grab some grub for my empty stomach. In a small rush, I neglected to check the contents of my bag. Unfortunately, they left out one of my spicy chicken burritos which left a void in my tummy and left me feeling shafted. That’s karma telling me that I should have kept up with my anti-fast food beliefs. And today I go again for the third day in a row. I’ll see you in Hell. Plus, I’m done. I’m swearing off that shit once again. And no, not we’ll see… that’s how it’s gonna be.

I returned to the service station earlier today to have my car fail its inspection again. I think it has something to do with setting the drive cycle after I changing O2 sensors some time back. I guess I just have to keep driving it. I read a little about setting the drive cycle online, so I’ll keep those tips in mind for when I return for the third time next week some time. If I fail again, then I guess I’ll try to coast stealth and hopefully not get in trouble with the law. I’m sure I’ll try elsewhere if the paranoia overwhelms me.

Sparta tonite! w00t!

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