the endurance

24 Hour Comic Day is over, and I’m still recovering.
I completed a comic book titled Swan Dive.
The story involves four characters in an empty universe talking about nonsense and encountering randomness.

I became delirious near the end like any human would, but the experience was one to be had. I’ll have the comic available somewhere somehow very soon, so you can enjoy it.

I’ll also be sending in a copy for consideration for the Highlights book and for the record, but I don’t expect much out of it. I really just wanted to meet the goal and feel satisfied that I was able to pull through.

One of the Maylay motto’s is: Modesty, Persistence, Determination. I kept those words in the back of the head while I worked thru my comic.

I will admit that my drawing skills are sub-par, but I made a 24 hour comic.

I’ll be returning to a regular living schedule after the mayhem. The cable guy will be showing up to install the hi-speed in the morning, so I’ll have my ringer on this time.

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