the bomb drop

At the end of the shift on Monday, we received envelopes that had all the information about our conversion to employee status. There’s three tiers in my department which all get paid different now. We do the same work, but I guess it was based on our past performance as contractors. This left a bunch of people pissed, because many of them are receiving “pay cuts.” I feel for them, but I wasn’t one who had to worry. Work hard I say.

I’m not getting paid any more than I did as a contractor, but I will be receiving the good ol’ benefits and stock options. Taxes will actually be taken out of my paychecks, and I don’t have to worry about keeping up with that. I’m thinking that as an employee, I won’t have to pay as much to Big Brother as I did as an independent contractor, but I could be wrong. I hope I’m not.

I think tomorrow will be strange at work ’cause everyone’s divided in a sense.

I’m not getting the hair cut. The boxes are still in the backseat of my car which I think I’m gonna actually bring to the bookstore tomorrow ’cause they’re seriously weighing down my car.

I lost forty bucks ’cause my car didn’t pass its inspection the first two times, and I was gonna go a third this past Sunday, but I said fuck it ’cause that place was shadier than shit and I had a good feeling they weren’t passing my car to pocket the cash. Whatever. Karma will eat their soul. I think I’ll try to get my car inspected elsewhere when I start feeling paranoid again or once I get pulled over for it. Knock on wood.

So we’ll see what the future entails at work, in life and the what-not. I received all my nursing school confirmation information last week, and I’ll be getting on that slowly but surely.

The Crown was enjoyable as usual tonite. Scrabble @ The I’s was fun as always. You can take all the words in a round of scrabble and make some interesting beat poetry out of it.

Good nite/morning/afternoon. Thanks again for staying in touch.

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