the kick-off

I’m @ JP’s right now. I just walked over here from the Austin NaNoWriMo kick-off meeting that was held at the House of Tutors. They were a fun crowd. I would have been completely silent if it wasn’t for Emily (lazym, the Austin NaNo ML) breaking the ice with me while I sipped on a soda during the short break. We also had to sit around in a circle and introduce ourselves, so that forced me to speak a bit. I think having the type of support this city has for NaNoWriMo will be a good thing for me participating this year. They are also have a midnight write-in at Katz’s on Tuesday night, so I’ll be hurrying over there after work. I wish they had more wee hours write-ins I could attend ’cause I could definitely make those. I’ll definitely try to make any weekend ones that are available, and I think there’s one or two. Due to my 3-11 weekday work schedule, I won’t be able to attend any write-ins that have been planned during the week. Just a couple more days until the insanity begins. I’m excited.

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