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the cold


the weekday loop

Wake up… late… around one in the afternoon… no, wait… wake up a couple times before then… mainly to check the clock… then immediately go back to sleep… lose track of time… dream… lose yourself in those dreams… then wake up late.
Lounge… sit around doing something you think is productive… rip those discs you received […]

the r&r

Today is the last day of my 4-day weekend. I think I’m going to watch X3 in its entirety. I’ve already wasted a few hours of my day just browsing the internet. I’m just relaxing on this lovely Sunday. Tomorrow, I return to work. This week coming up, I get all the paperwork I need […]

the two days paid four off total

I have been getting tons of sleep over this break, and I absolutely dig it.
I saw The Fountain in the theatre last nite. I’ll say it was good but not spectacular. I would definitely watch it again when it’s released on DVD. It’s very visually-appealing (which makes the movie) and has similar elements […]

the lament

“Jupiter’s Lament”
His water’s pH was imbalanced.

the ellipsis

the bad karma

I’m hoping his accounts are frozen or in jeopardy before the shopping season is in full swing ’cause that would be completely humiliating for him.
Yes, this post is wishing bad karma against someone.
Unfortunately, the justice system operates slower than sludge, so I’m just doing some wishful thinking here.