the almost six

I haven’t slept yet, because a computer can be addicting and a complete consumer of time. Started with watching THX 1138 (liked), watching a few music vids on YouTube (evil incarnation), checking the NaNo boards, then email, then chatting with Rey a little, then MySpace (endless trails going every which way), then almost 6AM… ouch.
Tomorrow… er, when I wake up: spending the rest of the day writing to around 10K and seeing Rey @ BB to take advantage of Total Access and pay a visit to a good friend at his workplace. Probably watch a movie and eat all my meals here… coffee, tea, SEGA! No… no, Sega… video games = evil = misspent youth = counterproductive = I could be getting paid salary right now = admit it… that could have been you.
Padding is the ammo right now. Fire and reload.

Sunday = SEL-ebrate my sister’s birthday at dinner time & continue to write.

Maybe I’ll post on Sunday, maybe I won’t… that’s why the previous line has been entered. Peace out.

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