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the two days paid four off total


I have been getting tons of sleep over this break, and I absolutely dig it.

I saw The Fountain in the theatre last nite. I’ll say it was good but not spectacular. I would definitely watch it again when it’s released on DVD. It’s very visually-appealing (which makes the movie) and has similar elements from previous Aronofsky movies.
There were people were handing out surveys at the entrance of the movie. I thought they did that for pre-screeners. Ah well. I wasn’t expecting too much from the movie. It was a great idea with a decent execution.

Other good flicks I’ve watched over this Thanksgiving vacation ’cause I’ve become a movie addict this past year: Cars, Over The Hedge, Elizabethtown, The Producers, and The Da Vinci Code. Blockbuster’s Total Access pwnz!

I’ve been one lazy SOB these past few days.

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