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the thirtieth

I haven’t been doing much at all today.
I made more tacos. The apartment reeks of seasoned beef.
I started reading Volume 1 of Steve Emond’s Emo Boy.
I loaded the dishwasher.
I went to the grocery store with my mother for the New Year’s Day get-together at 3PM on New Year’s Day.
I’ll be paying a quick visit to the Bust […]

the tacos

Every sliver of cheddar cheese,
Every shred of iceberg lettuce,
Every bit of seasoned beef,
Every crumb of corn shell,
I love tacos.
Bell-style thanks to the Titan Moon. I’ll never forget the night we passed by the Bell to pick up our fourthmeals, and he let me have one of his crunchy tacos. I was hooked.
I picked up one […]

the hiccups

They can be a pain.
Today after dinner, I drank a beer and got them. Then, I drank a glass of water and they ceased. Then, I drank another beer and they returned. I hoped drinking another beer would maybe work as a substitute for water but no. I drank a glass of water after that […]

the holiday

Merry Capitalistmas!
May the economy flourish over the
commercialization of this ancient holiday.

the isolation

I wrote a song last nite.
Strum this progression with open chords at a medium tempo,
Verse: Gb, Cb, Eb, Cb
Chorus: Db, Cb
Song title:
Mary Christmas In Oklahoma (From Your Boy In Austin) [tentative]
Mary’s going to Oklahoma
Where she’ll spend Christmas Day without me
Mary’s going to Oklahoma
Where she’ll spend Christmas Day without me
But that’s okay
‘Cause she’ll spend New Year’s […]

the solstice

Yesterday was the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.
I only had to work a few hours. I stayed up way too late the nite before and suffered the consequences by waking up late for work. Fortunately, my supervisor had some holiday spirit in him and let me have the hour. The shift ended […]

the new fishes

While at Wally World picking up ingredients we didn’t have for cookies, Mare & I became proud owners of two more Betta Babiesâ„¢. They’re named December and Esteban.
Photos will be added when they complete their new home transition.