the pinch

I have an orientation to attend on January 11th. That will officially mark the restart of my journey thru higher education. Until then, I will continue to enjoy the good life that I have been enjoying for the past year.

I am very happy with life right now. It’s like a vacation to me. I have an easy job that pays me enough to get by. I have an awesome girl that takes care of me and appreciates me. (She made me Elgin sausage and scalloped potatoes for dinner tonite… awesome.) I drive a reliable car. I have a great roommate that’s always on top of bills and is cool sharing an apartment with. My computers don’t crash on me or give me strange errors. I have seven happy bettas that are surviving the “cold.” I hardly have any stress going on in my life right now. Somebody pinch me.

I should be more productive with my so-called endeavors though. That’s a personal flaw that I’ll call out.

When January comes around, I can already see the lack of stress being replaced with a fun obstacle course. I will continue my three to eleven workweek but will be mixing in a 6:45am-2pm clinical class on Thursdays and Fridays.

My lease will be running out at the end of that month, so moving will also be part of that month’s equation. Good times. It’ll be the start of a new chapter. My plate will be filled with some new excitement. I hope I can handle it. (I’m sure I will.)

Fortunately, I will be doing my classwork aside from clinicals online so that’ll definitely ease up some tension. That will require me to exercise some extreme self-discipline so I’ll have to make sure I’m fine-tuned when it’s time to jump into that fire. Everything will be fine, people… just fine. I’m looking forward to it. This is my future that’s on the line.

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