the insanity

This one goes out to those Abercrombie&Bitches / 2Cool4U / emoboyz / indiefagz & anyone who adores or supports them or even lends them a shoulder to cry on (seissup):

.evarg ruoy no tihs ymaets toh a ekat nac I os deirub re’uoy erehw em llet nik fo txen ruoy evaH

When is this “indie” revolution gonna end? All of you wannabe geeks are oxymoron conformists!

Because of your strength in numbers, your population is a group of conformists… opposite in meaning to “independent.” True independence consists of going against the grain you label yourselves after. So take a blunt knife and slit your wrists.

Grow some balls, you wimps. Quit digging around the rancid anus of your preferred genre in search of obscure crap that makes you feel more privileged.

You’re wasting your time and no one gives a rat’s ass. (except maybe your sad excuse for a significant other who’s just as minuscule as you)

I’ve been nerdcore since the first grade, you self-centered fucks. Write yourself a reality check.

Author: Sig

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