the tacos

Every sliver of cheddar cheese,
Every shred of iceberg lettuce,
Every bit of seasoned beef,
Every crumb of corn shell,
I love tacos.

Bell-style thanks to the Titan Moon. I’ll never forget the night we passed by the Bell to pick up our fourthmeals, and he let me have one of his crunchy tacos. I was hooked.

I picked up one of those make your own Bell-style tacos from the grocery store, and they were delicious. The shells are smaller than the restaurant’s, but the seasoning packet (included, worth the extra pocket change over the other brands) made the meat taste like the real deal. Mmmm… tacos.

The ingredients for the twelve tacos cost right at seven bucks (7.01 to be exact for the shells with seasoning packet & sauce, meat, lettuce and cheese). That’s roughly 58 cents a taco not taking into account the energy to power the stovetop to cook the beef but can be considered a fair trade with having to pay sales tax at the restaurant. Yes, the tacos at the restaurant are bigger, but I’d say only about an inch (say 25%) bigger than the ones in the grocery store package.

For the sake of the quality of a home-cooked meal, the make your own version wins.

For the sake of the lazy sack of shit that doesn’t give a damn about himself, the restaurant version wins.

I’m a fan of both. I’m merely expressing my opinion on the options, since I traveled the way of making Bell-style tacos at home tonite. Eat me.

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