the apples

Why are loose apples at the grocery store running a dollar a piece these days?

The only way to save is to get the five-pound bag, but am I going to consume five pounds worth of apples before they rot? The system wants us to stick to applesauce.

Day One of the Get Up Earlier Initiative was a complete failure. I was sucked into dreamworld and out cold ’til one in the afternoon. Day Two went by a little better, but I was out of bed almost an hour later than I planned. I’m hoping Day Three will work out ’cause I have to get up by 10 to meet up with someone by 11.

If I could attend life and the dreamworld simultaneously, then I would. I love sleep that much.

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2 thoughts on “the apples”

  1. dude, the real solution to waking up is to know in your mind that you absolutley MUST wake up…this practicing for it is for the birds. I.E. I wake up for UT football games and when I have to be at work. Your body knows when you don’t really have to wake up. You’ll be fine once you start your clinic. Then you’ll have no choice.

  2. Man, I wish I could sleep in. I’ve gotten so used to waking up at particular times, even when I don’t need to get up, I wake up and then I just lay in bed for another hour or two wishing I could go back to sleep and going nuts because I just can’t…

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