the Betta Babies™

Wally World has an amazing selection of fish, specifically male bettas (also known as: Siamese fighting fish). My favorite conglomerate packages them in such a way that it makes taking one home with you irresistible. Hence, Sig and I have nine lovely pets.

Revolution Ultra Blue: This fish is currently our oldest Betta, purchased in June of 2006. He’s named after one of our favorite tracks on Thrice’s first album, Identity Crisis. Revolution is a favorite among house guests not just for his name but for his flashy personality and a willingness to greet anyone that walks by his bowl.

Anthem: Anthem was found out of place in the craft section. (I think they were trying to give customers the idea to buy a betta with glass rocks and a vase. —Sig) He is named after Ayn Rand’s sci-fi novella and the coming-of-age songs by Blink. Anthem has a “hood hound” in the bottom of his bowl that he maintains a continual watch over.

Ivory: If fish could be metro, then he would be the queen. A pink betta, Ivory is continually displaying his mass of salmon colored fins for all to see. He poses well for pictures and is the most graceful eater of our lot.

Mean Greenie: This betta was purchased in the first lot of fish along with Ivory and Loner Dottie Rebel (R.I.P.). When we found him, someone had placed another betta in the container with him. Mean Greenie was tearing the other fish to shreds. Darwin would have taken this fish home, too. Mean Greenie is our largest fish and shines green under light. In actuality, he is blue.

Rooi: Pronounced ‘roy’, he was part of the second lot of fish. He is named after rooibos which is the proper name for red tea. Rooi has a difficult time eating because he inaccurately judges the placement of the food pellets in the water. I feed him extra to maximize his chances of actually getting a pellet in his mouth.

Sunset: Sunset was named for his brilliant combination of red and blue coloration. He is one small, angry fish. When we first brought him home, he had to be on suicide watch because he liked to flicker his fins at the top of the water, as if trying to jump.

Tangelo: Tangelo is named after the orange hybrid because of his color. He is continually trying to bury himself in the rocks at the bottom of his bowl. He will contort himself into very uncomfortable positions so he can feel closed in.

Esteban: Esteban’s name is correlative to his personality. He is the king, a real “Rico Suave.” He is the most graceful eater among the nine. He also enjoys displaying his unusual coloration for all to see.

December: December was named after the month he was purchased. He sulks around his large goldfish bowl, apathetic to the world.

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