the burger

A burger at the Crown is the best follow-up after a Monday at work. The burger and fries are just enough to tire my jaws and satisfy my hunger.

I feel that I’ve conquered the 1:30PM curse. I have that orientation at 8:30AM on Thursday morning. Ian’s right. If I set my mind to it, then I can wake up whenever I need.

What’s up with my post titles involving food (tacos, apples, burgers)? I’m not hungry when I write them. I noticed a trend last month with posts starting with the same letter. I can be too obsessive with this blog.

This is my last week of almost complete freedom. The war begins next week when the spring semester begins. The week after that will involve me moving into my new place plus school, and the last week of the month will involve the Summit chapter ending. This is a paraphrase of the previous post, so you can probably tell what I’m thinking about most.

News on the creative front: Integrated may possibly be reborn. Suck on that.

Anticipate Echo Base.

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