the kalimari desert

The extreme cold that swooped over the nation has caused a shortage in oranges. The price of citrus fruits will be going up which will include a favored drink, orange juice. We’ll see how much they shoot up for the time being… a buck or two? Bring it on.

The orange shortage reminds me of two or three years ago when hurricanes hit the tomato industry, and the price of tomatoes shot up. I remember going thru a burger joint drive-thru to read a sign on the window that due to the tomato shortage, the burgers would be served sans until the crisis ended.

Today at the grocery store, they were out of eggs. The freeze delayed shipment. The price of oranges wasn’t jacked up yet but should soon. And again, it seems to happen every time I go to this particular grocery store… the yogurt was being stocked.

I was off this past Monday for MLK Day. My workplace was closed yesterday and today because of the weather. I have to go to work tomorrow which isn’t so bad ’cause the next day’ll be Friday followed by another weekend. On top of that, I just had a five-day “weekend.” The school was closed today and won’t open ’til noon tomorrow, so my lab at 8am is canceled. I can now stay up late as usual to finish my online modules without worrying about waking up too early in the morning.

Mare & I had a fun time removing the thick layer of ice off of our vehicles.

Here’s some pictures of my frozen car for your enjoyment:

Icicles on the car
Ice on my car

Icicles on the trunk
Ice on my trunk

Icicles on the bumper
Icicles on my bumper

Penny thick ice on the trunk
The thickness of the ice on the top of my trunk was a penny tall.

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  1. i lost a huge sheet of ice off the top of my car going down mopac at 70mph. hope no one was behind me, it was wicked.nn1nn1

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