the exhausted and delirious

Survey says that long days can kill a man.

Yesterday, I was out of bed at 6:30 to make it to Learning Lab at 8. We had a break at 11:45-12:30, so I decided to go to Players and get a combo. Traffic was steady, and I misjudged my time so I only had the chance to eat half of the fries. The burger, the remaining fries and the most of the soda was left to get or stay cold in the car. Lab ended at 2:30, and I went straight to work. I saved myself from cashing in a couple hours of PTO.

As I was driving to work, I noticed I had missed a call. I recognized the number but wasn’t sure who it was. I checked the message, and it was the Complex wanting me to return the Call. I called them back on a break, and as it turns out, the Unit was flooded during the Winter Storm and the Foundation is supposedly bad. You’d think they could have been straight up about the latter fact before assigning us the Unit.

So they assigned us a new unit which is a bit of a pain but okay. I have to send another Mail Forwarder, call the Cable to update and call the Electric.

I finished the rest of the combo at work: semi-cold drink, cold fries, burger semi-nuked on another break. It all still tasted great.

After work, Mare & I went to the Bust then Whataburger, our Friday night meal ritual. I usually get a #1 combo, but I had to change it up since I had a burger and fries meal earlier.

I have a long list of things to do today, so I’m getting on it. This is the last weekend for me living at the Summit. Tuesday will be a new Chapter Start.

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