the rock bottom

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the no chance to rest

I finally finished my lengthy homework assignment a quarter ’til five and have to be in attendance at clinical by 6:30am. Yes, that means adequate or even the tiniest taste of sleep is out of the question. The assignment was posted around 9:30am on Wednesday.

Ten times out of ten I will be asleep at the time planning on waking up somewhere between 11am to 1pm. I wake up around 1, leave my apartment an hour before work to obtain the assignment and arrive late to work by eight minutes.

Let’s rewind and say Outstanding Student Me decides to obtain the assignment by 10am, a mere half hour after they’ve been posted. That would give me enough time to complete the assignment before work, attend work on time and return to the apartment to gather adequate and much needed sleep. Am I outstanding? Absolutely not. No gold star. Don’t pass go. Do not collect $200. My scholarly habits be*quief* the real me.

To pass short amount of time I have until my physical self has to be within the confines of a hospital to do my daily duty of being a nursing student (sans sleep), I am writing this as the clock ticks and will follow my misfortune with the viewing of as much Tromeo and Juliet as I can before I have to get ready to go which right now isn’t much.


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the late to bed early to rise

My supervisor has been out for the past couple days, so as the shift leader, I had to fill in. The people on my shift are mostly good, so I didn’t have much to worry about.

After this, I have to get a bunch of homework done for clinicals in the morning. I had to run to the medical center before work and ended up being a few minutes late, but that’s okay.

Again, I can’t wait for the weekend. Thursday and Friday will be exhausting days. I don’t get bonus points on Friday, because I’ll have to be at my clinical at 6:30 again rather than the relief I had the week before.

Two days of hell are already in progress. I am not going to be a happy camper until Friday night. Wake up early… clinical. Rest a teeny bit at the apartment afterwards then go to work. Try to prevent passing out at work from lack of sleep. Return to the apartment a quarter past eleven, get what needs to be done for the night done, sleep as early as not possible and do it again on Friday. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Hurt. Exhaust. Suffer. Then be happy that the weekend exists.


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the vacation’s over

Last night ended my mini-vacation. Although I had to work on Monday and Tuesday, I did not mind at all. I consider it a vacation because I was able to stay up as late as I wanted and wake up almost as late as I wanted. I like that. I also didn’t have the stressful obligation of doing anything school-related even though I should be concentrating on my online work when I’m not doing my clinical work. I’m doing an extreme buckle down this weekend, so that is planned.

At 2pm today, I’ll have to be out of the apartment to stop by the medical center before work to pick up my assignment. Tonight after returning home around a quarter past eleven, I’ll have to go to bed as soon as possible but have some homework that will be due in less than seven hours after I’m settled in for the night. Then a quarter ’til 6am, I’ll be up again to make it to clinical by 6:30. After clinical, I’ll have around an hour to unwind before work at 3pm. Off work at 11pm and the whole routine repeats for Friday. I’ll talk about it every time it comes around, but it really fills my head to the point that I’ll be redundant about the fact it exists.


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the recovered

I woke up on Saturday morning, and my body, especially my arms and legs, were aching. I didn’t feel like I had a fever. My nose wasn’t running. My head wasn’t congested. I was worried that my feeling of fatigue was either a result of my around-the-clock Thursdays and Fridays or I might have caught something at the medical center or I might have caught something at work. I’m thinking it was a combination of A & C. I took some aspirin and some DayQuil that day in hopes of feeling better the next day. I didn’t have any Fioricet to help with the pain. My brother called me that day ’cause he got his new car and wanted to show me. I was hurting so bad that I really didn’t want to do anything but rest and suffer. I watched Idle Hands for the first time. I fell asleep half-way through, so I had to play some of back to catch the rest. I wasn’t exactly sick, but I wasn’t exactly well. I was definitely out of my normal range of healthiness over the weekend, so I’d say that my healthy streak was broken. I never got sick the year before.

On Sunday, my intestines wreaked havoc on me. That was most of the day. Kent, Mare & I lounged around the apartment, played a couple games of dominoes and a round of Scrabble. The day was mostly uneventful. I watched a VHS cassette for the first time in a long time that I had borrowed from a friend at work. Kent & I also went to see Factory Girl which was a good film. We both got student discounts, and only seven or eight people were in the theatre. Bonus! This movie isn’t for the prissy people out there that look at Edie as an icon just because she was attractive.

I finally recovered on Monday. I am now the shift leader for the shift at my job. I had to train four people yesterday on a more advanced stage in the process. I had to talk more than I’m used to, and that wore me out. Then, I worked the stage I usually work and rushed to get close to our quota. There was only a couple of us so no luck but that’s okay.

I went to the Crown after work and enjoyed the usual: a burger with some Shiner and some of the best company in the universe.