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the rock bottom

America has been the victim to drug abuse for decades now. Illegal drugs make it into the country, and the weak are taken over by the effects of these drugs. The pharmaceutical companies make drugs that become habit-forming and prone to abuse. People who have fallen into the trap of being hooked on drugs should […]

the walls

Generic white walls make a generic house. Since I live in an apartment, I’m restricted to covering the walls with framed art so the walls don’t look so generic. When I get a house, I can figure out some great House Painting Ideas on how to paint the walls. Painting the walls of a house […]

the beach

Spring Break is getting closer. Corpus Christi is a great town in Texas to visit to enjoy the beach. The warm sand, the bright sun and the sound of the ocean make the experience relaxing. People on the East Coast aren’t close enough to Corpus Christi, but they can enjoy the Outer Banks North Carolina […]

the no chance to rest

I finally finished my lengthy homework assignment a quarter ’til five and have to be in attendance at clinical by 6:30am. Yes, that means adequate or even the tiniest taste of sleep is out of the question. The assignment was posted around 9:30am on Wednesday.
Ten times out of ten I will be asleep at the […]

the late to bed early to rise

My supervisor has been out for the past couple days, so as the shift leader, I had to fill in. The people on my shift are mostly good, so I didn’t have much to worry about.
After this, I have to get a bunch of homework done for clinicals in the morning. I had to run […]

the vacation’s over

Last night ended my mini-vacation. Although I had to work on Monday and Tuesday, I did not mind at all. I consider it a vacation because I was able to stay up as late as I wanted and wake up almost as late as I wanted. I like that. I also didn’t have the […]

the recovered

I woke up on Saturday morning, and my body, especially my arms and legs, were aching. I didn’t feel like I had a fever. My nose wasn’t running. My head wasn’t congested. I was worried that my feeling of fatigue was either a result of my around-the-clock Thursdays and Fridays or I might have caught […]