the desire for sleep

I’ve just returned from a gruesome day. I first woke up on January 31st around 11am. I haven’t slept yet making a total exceeding 36 hours straight of being awake. I am eager for bed but have to eat dinner and wind down first. I have a learning lab at 8am followed by work again at 3pm. I’m glad it’s almost Friday.

My head aches in a strange way unlike an average headache, and I feel raw. My eyes feel extra tired, and I’m content to be back home and near my bed. This weekend is going to be somewhat hectic, but I’m guaranteeing myself as much rest as I need.

Having a new apartment requires having my mail forwarded, changing the address on my accounts and new return address labels. The new chapter is in full swing.

I have my ’06 tax documents, so filing will be happening soon.

Eat, relax then finally sleeeeep.

Author: Sig

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