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I finally got some sleep last night. Not enough but I can’t complain. I’m glad I just had an 8-3 scheduled lab which actually ended around noon rather than a day like yesterday. I have some quality time to relax before work.

This weekend should be packed with a long list of things to do. I plan on getting a new vacuum cleaner for the place. I also plan on getting all of my frames on the walls. Mare needs the oil changed in her car. I will watch a movie or two or three in its entirety before the weekend is over. I will dedicate most of Sunday to school and do my absolutely hardest to catch up.

Tonight is Mare & I’s Whataburger night after I get out of work. I always look forward to that, and I think we’ll also be swinging by The Bust beforehand to pick up a few movies. With the move near absolute completion, I can finally find some time to truly relax.

The drug dispensers on the floor at the medical center where I do my clinicals uses a touch screen computer system to access the database. The computer system at PC’s when it was running top-notch used touch screens to enter orders. I think most restaurants with newer technology order input systems use touch screens. Greasy fingers and even normal wear-and-tear can eventually render those screens useless. Actually, I think touch screen repair is available. Companies can save just getting their screens fixed instead of purchasing new equipment.

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