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Today has been one of the most relaxing days lately. I finished watching Eraserhead and checking on my accounts. I’m concluding listening to the NOFX/Rancid split record.

I took care of a bunch of things yesterday. I bought the vacuum. I changed the oil in both Mare’s car and mine. I vacuumed the apartment. I cleaned and cleaned. I hung up all the frames in the apartment. I didn’t get a chance to get a haircut which I will before my clinicals this week.

I am very content about getting to relax most of today. Aside from feeling sore from working on cars and arranging stuff all day yesterday, my mind feels at ease and this Sunday has been one of the better days for quite a while. I can’t believe January has already flown by, and February is here.

The apartment is pretty much set up. The club furniture is arranged, and it feels like home. I’m not going to watch the Super Bowl ’cause I’m not much of a sports fan, but I will enjoy some leftover pizza and watch a show or two.

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