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I woke up late as planned and put together a grocery list with Mare. She had to be at work by a quarter after five and it was after two by the time we got on the road.

We hit up the dollar store where they sell a little of everything like cleaning items, candles, first communion gifts, off-brand foods, picture frames, kitchen tools, etc. We bought a new shower curtain, a few new plates and some cheap headphones to splice up and fix a couple speakers I have.

We proceeded to Wally World but stopped by Lone Star Kolaches to get a little snack to tie us over while we did errands. This was our first visit, so we weren’t too sure what to expect. They had all kinds of kolaches. We went for traditional ones with cream cheese and lines of chocolate drawn on them, but they had ones with spinach and ones with pepperoni and mushrooms. They were dozens of varieties, but we were a little overwhelmed and just wanted to be in and out.

At Wally World, we noticed the garden center was stocked and decided to prepare for spring gardening. I got a little juniper tree, and Mare got a couple baby hyacinths. We also bought a couple hanging pots, but they didn’t have any good pothos. We also found a blooming cactus that was very phallic in nature. Our ultimate goal was to buy a DVD/DivX player which we did, but we also scored a desk.

Afterwards, we went to the grocery store to get the week’s supply. They had some excellent pothos there, so we went ahead and purchased one.

We made it back to the apartment just in time, and now she’s at work. I just finished cleaning up the apartment: the kitchen, vacuuming and loading the dishwasher.

Ryan DMC and I are planning to hit up the super buffet by my favorite electronics store. I’m skeptical ’cause I haven’t heard the best things about the buffet, but I personally haven’t tried it. He’s going to purchase a DVD burner for his machine, so rock on. I’ll be spending some of tonite installing it and getting his computer ready for recording.

I just need to gather some software for him and then I’m off.

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