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Mare & I watched Idiocracy last nite which I thought was a good movie. Today, we watched a classic, Kentucky Fried Movie which was very entertaining.

We assembled the student desk we bought yesterday that we found near the bookshelves, chairs and kids bedroom furniture. I networked the laser printer, so all of the computers in the apartment can print off the network.

My relaxing time is just about over, and I need to study for my exam tomorrow. The Grammys are on tonite, but I don’t care.

For you tech nerds: Intel develops 80-core supercomputer processor on fingernail

Healthy is the new skinny in modelesque status quo terms. I was thinking about those girls that starve themselves to keep the weight off.

This is how it is, people. Your brain is made up mostly of adipose tissue (fat). Once you’ve burned off all the fat in your body, you start burning off fat in your brain. You’re practically shrinking your brain with your skin and bones look.

Is it justifiable to say that anorexics can’t think straight? Yeah, that sounds rhetorical. But I’ll say it again. Anorexics are not very smart. This is how society needs to view them, and everyone needs to eat better and keep some meat on their bones.

I understand that hunger and poverty exist in third-world countrie, but you should realize that the less fortunate aren’t melting by choice. Anorexics are wasting by choice, and they are just misinformed.

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