the recovered

I woke up on Saturday morning, and my body, especially my arms and legs, were aching. I didn’t feel like I had a fever. My nose wasn’t running. My head wasn’t congested. I was worried that my feeling of fatigue was either a result of my around-the-clock Thursdays and Fridays or I might have caught something at the medical center or I might have caught something at work. I’m thinking it was a combination of A & C. I took some aspirin and some DayQuil that day in hopes of feeling better the next day. I didn’t have any Fioricet to help with the pain. My brother called me that day ’cause he got his new car and wanted to show me. I was hurting so bad that I really didn’t want to do anything but rest and suffer. I watched Idle Hands for the first time. I fell asleep half-way through, so I had to play some of back to catch the rest. I wasn’t exactly sick, but I wasn’t exactly well. I was definitely out of my normal range of healthiness over the weekend, so I’d say that my healthy streak was broken. I never got sick the year before.

On Sunday, my intestines wreaked havoc on me. That was most of the day. Kent, Mare & I lounged around the apartment, played a couple games of dominoes and a round of Scrabble. The day was mostly uneventful. I watched a VHS cassette for the first time in a long time that I had borrowed from a friend at work. Kent & I also went to see Factory Girl which was a good film. We both got student discounts, and only seven or eight people were in the theatre. Bonus! This movie isn’t for the prissy people out there that look at Edie as an icon just because she was attractive.

I finally recovered on Monday. I am now the shift leader for the shift at my job. I had to train four people yesterday on a more advanced stage in the process. I had to talk more than I’m used to, and that wore me out. Then, I worked the stage I usually work and rushed to get close to our quota. There was only a couple of us so no luck but that’s okay.

I went to the Crown after work and enjoyed the usual: a burger with some Shiner and some of the best company in the universe.

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