the short hair

Yesterday, I managed to wake up at a decent time and run by the post office to mail a much-delayed insured package and get my haircut by Minerva. I told her that I wanted it shorter, but some miscommunication must have been thrown in the mix. She was also interrupted by a couple vending machine guys showing up to deliver a soda machine, a phone call and another customer coming in. I haven’t had my hair this short in a very long time, but I can live with it. I try to show up at a slow time of day, but I guess it didn’t work out as well this time around. Oh well, at least I look more presentable for clinicals, and I won’t have to go back for a haircut for a long time.


If someone was throwing a party and wanted their home to be easily located, then a house marker would make a beneficial addition. In case of an emergency such as a fire, the emergency crew would be able to find the the house easier. D├ęcor on the outside of the house also shows that the house has become a home.

the (work + school)² + work

My nights of sleeping as late as I want and almost getting up with just enough time to get ready for work are over for this week. Tonight, I go to bed early to be up at the painful 6th hour of Thursday to attend my clinical day for the week.

This Friday is a learning lab day, so lucky me. I think the biggest thing that gets to me at the medical center is the way the place smells and how the smell penetrates my uniform.

Next week, I have my first exam of the eight weeks on Monday. Then on Friday, I have to attend a clinical. The clinical on Thursday was cancelled due to the day being a teacher work day of some sort so bonus on that. I also have a mastery demo that week over sterile technique which shouldn’t be too difficult, but the instructors will be nit-picky about that one.

I only have to work Monday thru Thursday next week, because we get a free day paid for Good Friday. Yes, I said it in a very previous post, but free money plus a day off is always a bonus. After clinical ends on Friday, Mare & I are off to Corpus Christi to have a relaxing time and work on BTG with the PKP crew. I’m looking forward to it.

Last night, they were over so we could discuss our plans in Corpus. We enjoyed dino nuggets with shells and cheese for a late night dinner. We wrote the ideas down and should be going over them again the week of the trip. It’ll be a good feeling to work with a team working toward an obtainable goal.

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the good night’s rest

An optimal sleep state can be difficult to achieve when disruptions in the environment are constant. White noise, strange creaking noises and even the thought of the paranormal walking through walls can keep all types of people from falling asleep soundly. Scientists have studied sleep for decades to discover an array of soothing sounds that can help a person get a good night’s rest. These sounds have been collected on sound machines that are easily obtainable.

the before sleep

I did not attend the Crown tonite. This was my first time in quite a while, so don’t boo me. The weather turned nasty all of a sudden today, and the rain fell heavy and hard. I didn’t feel like driving on the wet roads more than to and from work. Another excuse is that I had a bunch of stuff to take care of at the apartment that I didn’t get around to on Sunday ’cause I was too occupied lazing around all day.

Later today, I need to wake up at a decent time before work to take care a few errands that include stopping by the post office and getting my hair cut… both of which I’ve been putting off for a very long time.

Tomorrow night’s (in this case, tonite’s) planned after work meal is chicken nuggets with mac & cheese with the PKP crew. The main agenda is to plan out the Corpus filming and get the ideas on paper, so we don’t waste too much time. Due to Mare having two exams on Wednesday, the normal Tuesday deluxe dinner ritual has been rescheduled for Wednesday night.

On Thursday, I have a clinical too early as usual. On Friday, I have a learning lab… again, too early as usual. Then the weekend that begins with hooray I always can’t wait for. And the double bonus… a weekend followed by a pay day. Corpus trip fund goes cha-chang!


Electronics run our everyday lives. From computers to cars, living in this technologically-advanced society makes us dependent on these robotic creatures to calculate answers to the fine details of the big pictures. With all the foreign frequencies traveling every which way in and out of these machines, interference is generated that can limit the performance of these devices. RFI Shielding is used to keep the unwanted radiation from disrupting a circuit’s effectiveness.

the good friday paid

Not this Friday but next, the company I work for is giving us the day off paid for Good Friday. Bonus! Unfortunately, I have a clinical on that day so I won’t be getting out of that until 1ish in the afternoon.

Afterwards, Mare & I will be making our way down to Corpus Christi. I’m looking forward to having a relaxing time over Easter weekend. I’ll be doing some work with the PKP crew, but other than that, I’ll be enjoying the beach, barbacoa tacos from Taqueria Almeida, the two-story Whataburger, Agua Java, Snoopy’s Pier, seeing friends and the few other goodies that tiny town has to offer with the short amount of time we have to spend in it.


Some of this country’s official holidays are based around the Christian religion. Valentine’s Day was named after Saint Valentine. Saint Patrick’s Day is named after a Christian saint. Other Christian holidays include Easter and Christmas. Around the holidays, those who celebrate them in a traditional fashion get christian gifts to give to the ones they celebrate with. Although I don’t celebrate these holidays myself, many other people do.