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the short hair

Yesterday, I managed to wake up at a decent time and run by the post office to mail a much-delayed insured package and get my haircut by Minerva. I told her that I wanted it shorter, but some miscommunication must have been thrown in the mix. She was also interrupted by a couple vending machine […]

the (work + school)² + work

My nights of sleeping as late as I want and almost getting up with just enough time to get ready for work are over for this week. Tonight, I go to bed early to be up at the painful 6th hour of Thursday to attend my clinical day for the week.
This Friday is a learning […]

the good night’s rest

An optimal sleep state can be difficult to achieve when disruptions in the environment are constant. White noise, strange creaking noises and even the thought of the paranormal walking through walls can keep all types of people from falling asleep soundly. Scientists have studied sleep for decades to discover an array of soothing sounds that […]

the before sleep

I did not attend the Crown tonite. This was my first time in quite a while, so don’t boo me. The weather turned nasty all of a sudden today, and the rain fell heavy and hard. I didn’t feel like driving on the wet roads more than to and from work. Another excuse is […]

the good friday paid

Not this Friday but next, the company I work for is giving us the day off paid for Good Friday. Bonus! Unfortunately, I have a clinical on that day so I won’t be getting out of that until 1ish in the afternoon.
Afterwards, Mare & I will be making our way down to Corpus Christi. I’m […]

the impurities

Water makes up most of the body. Why risk drinking lead or other impurities when you can use a water bottle filter to keep them out? Filtered water tastes better and is better for you. Untreated water can contain all kinds of chemicals like chlorine, unwanted particles like mercury along with microorganisms that can harm […]

the hilarious five

Toilet humor and the related has amused since I was a child and still amuses me to this day. In the style of Rob Gordon’s Top 5, I will briefly list and comment on the Top 5 Humorous Things That Crack Me Up in no particular order.