the manifest

This week has been quite relaxing. I’ve been able to stay up extra late without worrying about something to do early in the morning or dreading having to wake up early toward the end of the week for labs or clinicals. I’ve worked thru two of the five days of my forty-hour routine, but that’s okay ’cause the bills have to be paid.

I haven’t been doing too much of anything lately, but that’s how I like it. On Sunday night in a cozy apartment, we played a few rounds of hold’ em and enjoyed each other’s company. This is the first night we did something of sort, and it went quite well. The chips are here, so this event may repeat itself in the future.

For dinner, we enjoyed fettucini with tomatoes, spinach and portobello with baked chicken breaded in Italian breadcrumbs. Delicious and much appreciated. Around noon, Mare & I plan on attacking the Star as in buffet. I hope I wake up in adequate time ’cause my lazy self has been getting out of bed half past two these past couple days.

The sky cried heavy today since I woke up. I recall myself thinking when my brain first started operating for the day how much more I adore sleep when I hear the drops hitting the windows and the room seeming colder with the rain falling outside.

This one’s for the determined: Focus and prioritize. Too many ideas will end up turning into mush, and the mush will rot. Stay passionate. Don’t lose hope. Prepare to fail but learn from those failures and leave the past in the past. Go for the gold. The pizzas won’t make themselves.

Maybe my fortune cookie will say something along those lines later today.


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