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Today is March 14th, Pi Day. The holiday may be unofficial, but it’s still a holiday. This one goes out to all you mathletes ’cause that mathematical constant rules.

π, the film by Darren Aronofsky, is one of my all-time favorite “sleepytime” movies. I’ve probably seen it a hundred times. One of my favorite parts is when he sees the brain in the subway, pokes it with his pencil and it makes that crazy squealing sound. I also like how the main character, Max Cohen, relates everything happening around him to the golden ratio. The movie has a bunch of mathematical inconsistencies, but it’s still a very interesting movie.


Humans are constantly breeding. New life is always being brought into the world. When infants get older, they grow out of their cribs. Children need beds to sleep in. Sleeping on the floor would not be good for a growing child, because they could end up with back problems. Parents should buy a kids bed for their child if they know what’s right.

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