the time well-spent

I’ve returned from my short-term implosion. Life remains pretty much the same.

Spring Break was over on Sunday. The “break” was short, sweet and much-needed. School returns this week with me attending learning labs on Thursday and Friday. This is my last night to stay up as late as I’ve been staying up the past week. I’ve set a goal for myself to do better this eight-week session, so I won’t have to sweat or worry when the last days of the semester arrive and I find myself on the edge of pass/fail again (*knocks on wood*).

I proudly did absolutely nothing on St. Paddy’s Day. Well, I did do the normal clean the apartment ritual and enjoy lunch with Mare & her family and watch 300 with Mare and Kent… oh, okay… I did do stuff, but nothing in celebration of the holiday other than wearing a olive green shirt to the theatre. Oh yeah… Kent told some teenagers to “Shut the fuck up.” at the beginning of the movie which rocked ’cause they were seriously being inconsiderate bastards. They were annoying me, too, but Kent threw down the hammer. My adrenaline was definitely pumping along with his, and I was afraid some poor kid was gonna have to be choked after the movie.

SxSW is over. I don’t think I missed anything and saved myself headache and cashola in the process. Nothing really excites me about SxSW. I dig the idea, but that’s about it.

Amy’s Ice Cream has Shiner-flavored ice cream. Yes… beer-flavored ice cream.

For Tuesday’s dinner ritual, Mare made chicken fried steak with garlic mashed potatoes with creamy gravy, corn and sautéed mushrooms. I was stuffed, and it was damn good.

Work, school, sleep, movies, music, life, dreams, goals, thoughts, conversations, moments, bills, living, lather, rinse, repeat.


If you find yourself at a movie theatre sitting near some inconsiderate goons that showed up late to the flick and are rustling around with their overpriced snacks and rudely talking to each other above the appropriate whisper, then destroy their souls when the credits begin to roll. If you feel guilty that they landed themselves in the hospital with internal bleeding due to their lack of courtesy, then send them some sympathy gifts.

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