the pain of waking up early

Yes, I’m still awake. I just finished watching Videodrome with Kent, and it was excellent. Thanks, Michael. I’ll hopefully be waking up a quarter ’til six to be on the road to battle absurd Austin traffic around 7:15-7:20 in the morning. The tiresome routine is back in full swing. I’ll make the most of it.

Today was just another day. I woke up late again. I ran late for work again today but wasn’t late. I didn’t have time to get my overdue haircut or make a trip to the post office. Oh well… I’ll find the time eventually.

Mare made some delicious chicken pomodoro with bowties and a side of scrumptious spinach salad for dinner. I snacked on raw pumpkin seeds while enjoying the movie.

I’m off into the dreamworld. Goodnite, people. These next two days are gonna be slightly painful.


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