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Alkaline Trio released a collection of b-sides, outtakes and rarities last month that I enjoy immensely. On MySpace, they put together this awesome activity where anyone who purchased the album could find out how to download a companion CD to Remains.

The first part was to download, print and cut out a template that fit over one of the pages in the CD booklet. The template revealed the keyword, username and password.

The second part was to download a cipher and decode the message using the keyword alongside a line of characters that matched up via the cipher. This reveals a website address where the companion CD can be downloaded.

After finding the address and pointing a browser to the site, the splash page shows a lock in the shape of Alk3’s heart logo. Clicking the keyhole brings up a prompt that asks for a username and password that was revealed thru the template.

Entering the correct username and password leads to the main site that has the tracks to the companion CD for download as well as artwork for the CD label and a CD envelope to print out.

The CD is called Scraps and contains ten tracks of acoustic live versions of a few of their songs, live versions of a few of some songs and BBC recordings of other songs including a couple covers that I haven’t heard myself until downloading the record.

Scraps is an absolute bonus to purchasing Remains. If you couldn’t get Scraps or too broke to afford Remains, then enjoy my “code” for you to decode. I’m not sure how much longer the material will be online, but it should still be available at the time of this post.

(.sserdda lautca eht rof sehsals-drawrof esu)

sparcs\ecapsym\moc.lluksdnatraeh :etisbew
ydoom :emanresu
repapswen :drowssap

!ycarip evil gnol


The site supplied here no longer supplies Scraps.

The band’s management has kindly asked me to
remove links to this wonderful gem.

Even though the links
had to be removed,
they are only an
email away. ;o)


Today, I enjoyed lounging around all day on one of the sleeper sofas and watching movies until I couldn’t watch them anymore. Having a couple days off after a week of full days is very relaxing. Aside from having to do the routine cleaning of the apartment and purchasing groceries, I did next to nothing. I love these days of melting on the couch and not doing much.

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2 thoughts on “the decipher”

  1. i am a massivde alkalie trio fan and was wondering are youstill offering copies of the ‘Scraps’ EP? if you are would you be willing to trade them for acopy of demos of the entire good mourning and from here to infimary albums?


  2. hey…
    i really like alk3 and i was wondering,if you could trade “alkaline trio – scraps” against my “alkaline trio – Acoustic in london”… or maybe you could upload it on , or , or
    could you send “scraps” to mein e-mail account??
    [email protected]

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