the hilarious five

Toilet humor and the related has amused since I was a child and still amuses me to this day. In the style of Rob Gordon’s Top 5, I will briefly list and comment on the Top 5 Humorous Things That Crack Me Up in no particular order.

  1. Blacking Out Teeth & Defacing Printed Faces – The modification of professional photography by taking a pen or Sharpie to draw devil horns, stitches, missing teeth and dialogue bubbles has always brought a smile to my face.
  2. Cartoon-Quality Flatulence & The Smells That Follow – The sounds of foul air being passed thru a tightened sphincter and the stench that accompanies is very comical.
  3. Workplace Pranks – PK & Crew have dubbed it “rat tipping.” The term originated from computer mice being turned upside-down while the victim is away from his/her desk. A few other examples of rat tipping include: Turning the Caps Lock key on and the Num Lock key off, readjusting the victim’s office chair, and taping the mouse to the mouse pad. A dozen other forms of rat tipping also exist.
  4. Freaked Out Faces – The face someone makes when startled brings me laughter. The common situation is when someone opens the door and another person on the other side goes “Boo!” or interjects a monstrous roar. The freeze frames etched in my brain of the many times I’ve pulled this off make a great mental photo album.
  5. Newer Slang – Courtesy of K$ and myself, the following slang word is a bit too risqué to define but worth mentioning: latte foam. This one to describe the belly of a morbidly obese person is quite amusing: gutsack. I also get a kick out of referring to a bowel movement as “dropping a deuce” as well as the many others synonymous to the normal living task.


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