the sunrise headache

This past Thursday, a few drops of rain were falling from the sky when I was leaving for learning lab about 7:20 in the morning. I don’t completely understand what is up with the overcautiousness of half-awake Austin drivers, but the stop-and-go traffic gets really old really fast. I spent almost an hour driving to the campus that takes me about twenty minutes on a light to moderate traffic situation. I ended being about fifteen minutes late to lab as well as a couple handfuls of other students. The traffic generated from moist weather is a very unnecessary stress. We need teleportation devices ASAP.

The city was humid the next day, but the rain wasn’t present. I ended up leaving five minutes later than the day before and arriving about ten minutes before the lab was to begin. I don’t get it. Austin traffic is ridiculous which is another reason why I’m extremely grateful that I live close to work and clinicals.


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