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I did not attend the Crown tonite. This was my first time in quite a while, so don’t boo me. The weather turned nasty all of a sudden today, and the rain fell heavy and hard. I didn’t feel like driving on the wet roads more than to and from work. Another excuse is that I had a bunch of stuff to take care of at the apartment that I didn’t get around to on Sunday ’cause I was too occupied lazing around all day.

Later today, I need to wake up at a decent time before work to take care a few errands that include stopping by the post office and getting my hair cut… both of which I’ve been putting off for a very long time.

Tomorrow night’s (in this case, tonite’s) planned after work meal is chicken nuggets with mac & cheese with the PKP crew. The main agenda is to plan out the Corpus filming and get the ideas on paper, so we don’t waste too much time. Due to Mare having two exams on Wednesday, the normal Tuesday deluxe dinner ritual has been rescheduled for Wednesday night.

On Thursday, I have a clinical too early as usual. On Friday, I have a learning lab… again, too early as usual. Then the weekend that begins with hooray I always can’t wait for. And the double bonus… a weekend followed by a pay day. Corpus trip fund goes cha-chang!


Electronics run our everyday lives. From computers to cars, living in this technologically-advanced society makes us dependent on these robotic creatures to calculate answers to the fine details of the big pictures. With all the foreign frequencies traveling every which way in and out of these machines, interference is generated that can limit the performance of these devices. RFI Shielding is used to keep the unwanted radiation from disrupting a circuit’s effectiveness.

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