the good friday paid

Not this Friday but next, the company I work for is giving us the day off paid for Good Friday. Bonus! Unfortunately, I have a clinical on that day so I won’t be getting out of that until 1ish in the afternoon.

Afterwards, Mare & I will be making our way down to Corpus Christi. I’m looking forward to having a relaxing time over Easter weekend. I’ll be doing some work with the PKP crew, but other than that, I’ll be enjoying the beach, barbacoa tacos from Taqueria Almeida, the two-story Whataburger, Agua Java, Snoopy’s Pier, seeing friends and the few other goodies that tiny town has to offer with the short amount of time we have to spend in it.


Some of this country’s official holidays are based around the Christian religion. Valentine’s Day was named after Saint Valentine. Saint Patrick’s Day is named after a Christian saint. Other Christian holidays include Easter and Christmas. Around the holidays, those who celebrate them in a traditional fashion get christian gifts to give to the ones they celebrate with. Although I don’t celebrate these holidays myself, many other people do.

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