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the oil change

Anyone who owns a car and runs their life under DIY ethics should change their own oil. I have no problem changing my oil, until it comes down to the brute force needed to complete the task.
I buy the oil at Wally World ’cause that corporation keeps more money in my pocket by undercutting the […]

the shindig

Jason and Ryan’s party was a good time. I was glad to see the pasta salad was eaten instead of untouched. K$ downed his Bull’s Blood, and Mare downed her Pinot Grigio. I had myself a few Shiners, but I enjoyed the company most of all. The fact that I work with more than half […]

the bomb-dot-com

Eggs don’t agree with me, but they taste so good cooked with ham and wrapped in a flour tortilla with some salsa.
Yes, I’m not asleep yet ’cause the stomach beast went ruthless on me.

the comfort

Life is a treat. Although I’ve pretty much wasted a good portion of this week with sleeeeeping, working, enjoying delicious meals, drinking good coffee and watching The Sopranos, I am very content. I received my paycheck with the overtime tacked on, so I’m delighted with the extra piece of change that’ll sit soundly in […]

the no alarm

So I woke up late again… a little too late. Upon recovering from sleep, I took a glance at the clock and saw that it was already a quarter past three. My alarm clocks weren’t set, and I went to bed way too late.
I called work to let them know I was showing up at […]

the glitch

This week has been very redundant.
I go to bed late.
I wake up late.
I have enough time after I wake up to lounge around, eat something and/or get ready for work.
I drive to work, which usually takes me less than ten minutes.
I’m already running a minute or two or three late, and I arrive to work.
I […]

the glitch reloaded

My inspection and registration stickers are both expired. I am only a little paranoid, because I’ve seen the same cop at the same three-way intersection on the same road around the same time three days in a row. My inspection sticker will be a year overdue at the end of this month, and my registration […]