the way time flies

Could you consider a person who has only slept an hour and a half in the past 24 hours sane? Don’t answer that.

The after work dinner get-together went as planned last night, and everyone had a good time and some good food. We enjoyed a good seven-player game of Monopoly Here & Now Edition. K$ hit it big with a hotel on the White House that cost anyone who landed on it 14 million. Yes, million.

I had clinical at 6:45 this morning in the rehabilitation part of the medical center. I had the pleasure of assisting two elderly men who each had suffered different degrees of strokes defecate what reeked of age, feces and pharmaceuticals. Oh yeah. I changed a few beds and assisted a nurse in changing the bandage of a patient who had a fungal infection on her foot. On an hour and a half of sleep, days seem to go by sooooo much slower.

Work just seemed to drag sooooo bad, but it went okay. My second (third? fourth? seventh? zillionth?) wind came around on the drive home.

Mare made a marinated pork tenderloin brushed with Sweet Baby Ray’s and home fries as a side tonite. Delicious.

The Corpus trip is two days away, and we have plans. No clinical on Thursday. Hooray for that. No clinical OR work on Friday. Hooray for that.

Goodnite, people. All I’ve had was a nap. Work tomorrow followed by preparation for the trip. Am I watching Batman Forever tonite or Clean? Maybe something else. We’ll see.


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