the false showtime

To make the Corpus trip easier, the PKP crew decided to purchase tickets to a midnight showing of the premiere of Grindhouse, the new Tarantino and Rodriguez film. A certain website that allows moviegoers to purchase tickets online listed a 12:00am showtime on Friday. After the tickets were purchased, the confirmation message included a note in parentheses next to the time, “(late Fri. night)”.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, does this make any sense to you? Would midnight, late Friday night, technically be a Saturday showing? Would the correct midnight showtime on a Friday be the minute after 11:59pm on a Thursday?

After the anger toward Fandingo (yes, DINGO… I know it’s dango but they’re liars so now they’re dingos) subsided, the hassle of getting a ticket refund MINUS convenience fee (a buck a pop!) was icing on the cake.

Clarification of when the movie is playing must be made. The midnight showtime should have been listed on Saturday, not “late Fri. night.”

So much for conveniently purchasing tickets online.

We do plan on seeing the movie on opening night in Corpus so booya ka-booooo-ki man!

The clock reads past three in the morning, and I’m still awake from only having an hour and a half nap since 36 hours or so ago. Troopin’!


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