the easter weekend in corpus

It’s a quarter ’til six, and I’m still awake. Mare & I will be on the road to Corpus by 1pm which is nearing quick.

I guess I’m still awake ’cause I don’t have clinical is less than an hour. Bonus. I guess I’m still awake ’cause I don’t have work ’cause I get Good Friday off & paid. Double bonus. I guess I’m still awake ’cause I always get like this before an adventurous time of some sort. Triple bonus ‘cept the part of not being asleep.

I can’t forget the cameras, a Hi8 tape, to drop off the mail, the purchase confirmation for the movie, PK’s cards & release forms, the schedule, my wallet, my brain, my clothes, personal FX, my hat, petrol in the car, the car tunes, the car snacks and the sleeping gear. That was mostly a note to myself, but since you’re gonna read it, then I might as well give you something more to read. You’re still reading this.

We’re watching the 9:45pm showing of Grindhouse at Century 16. I think I’m gonna enjoy it. I’ll tell you if I don’t and why, but I think I will.

I’ll also be getting some sun, but the chances of rain are high for the weekend. I’ll stay optimistic. It’s the fact that I’m on a vacation away from the usual, not the fact that a chance exists that the parade will be rained on.

I’ll be spending most of Friday, all of Saturday, and most of Sunday in Corpus. I’ll return Sunday night. Happy Resurrection Day!


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