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I am very satisfied with BBO. They keep my DVD-watching habit flowing.

My love for watching DVDs has become another reason for my demise. I enjoy wasting my time watching DVDs. It has become a problem, and I admit it but I don’t want to change it ’cause I enjoy being entertained by movies and shows on DVDs.

BBO has great deal. I pay under twenty bucks a month to receive three DVDs at a time. When I receive the DVDs, I can either return them by dropping them in a mailbox OR I can take them to one of their stores to exchange them for more. The wise go for Option B of course.

I’ll get three a week and take them back that same week to get three from the store which makes about six a week. They also give me a freebie, and I’m also subscribed to a Rewards program that gives me another freebie a month. So six a week and about four weeks a month makes 24 discs + the 2 freebies = 26 discs a month which calculates to less than a dollar a disc.



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