the display button

When we watch television in the living room, we’d have to put up with the channel number displayed in neon green at the upper right corner of the screen. This was very annoying.

I mentioned that I purchased a universal remote from the impulse aisle at Fry’s in the previous post. The remote was a Sony brand remote which matched the brand of the TV. What sold me was that it had a display button — the solution. We have a different universal remote for the TV that works well, but it doesn’t have a display button.

After returning from Fry’s, I gave the remote to K$ as a gift. He noticed the remote had the display button and was also pre-programmed for the TV. We tested it out and it worked. We cheered like Longhorns when they won the Rose Bowl in ’06. The neon number that burned its image in our minds as we enjoyed the glow of the boob tube was finally removed. Our viewing pleasure was enhanced more than anyone in the complex could ever understand.

…and they lived happily ever after.


If you’re putting together a poker tournament but don’t have an adequate table in the garage where you and your buddies can smoke cigars without smelling up the house, then folding tables are a great solution. After the game, you can fold the table up and stash it away until the next time everyone gets together to play another round.

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